If you're trying to get a loan for something dumb, you can't just admit that's what you need the money for. Especially if you need it for this.

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58-year-old Grady Carson applied for a loan in Spartanburg, South Carolina on Wednesday. It was at a title loan place that charges a crazy amount of interest. So, not a great idea in the first place. He had his car to use as collateral, so he probably would have been approved. But while he was filling out the paperwork, he wouldn't stop pacing around the office.

Then while he was talking to one of the employees, he admitted that he needed the loan so he could go out and buy a bunch of meth. It's not clear if he was planning to re-sell it, or if he just wanted to stock up. Obviously the place didn't approve the loan request, and called the cops instead.

Then when they showed up and searched him, they found crack in his pocket. Which he claimed he wasn't going to smoke, because he smokes meth, not crack. He's facing charges for possession of narcotics.

Spartanburg County Jail

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