Mentalfloss put together something interesting that you probably never once thought about: Sounds that we know to be iconic to TV shows and movies are trademarked. It makes sense, because you're trying to protect something that is what makes your project what it is.

Darth Vader's Breathing

Serial Number: 77419252

LucasFilm trademarked the "sound of rhythmic mechanical human breathing created by breathing through a scuba tank regulator." Better known as Darth Vader's robotic breathing system, it's a sound that can't be replicated by the same means that his sound was created.

The Lightsaber Sound

Serial Number: 77419246

The sound of the Lightsaber is "an oscillating humming buzz created by combining feedback from a microphone with a projector motor sound."

Pillsbury Doughboy's Giggle

Serial Number: 76163189

Pillsbury trademarked the Pillsbury Doughboy's laugh, describing it as "childlike human giggle." Seems a little broad to me.

Homer Simpson's 'D'Oh!'

Serial Number: 3411881

In the Simpson's scripts, the iconic sound was originally written as an "annoyed grunt," but the actual Homer Simpson "D'oh!" is now an official trademark.

Taco Bell's Bell Sound

Serial Number: 77805701

This trademarked sound is used in their commercials, and if you're using their app, you hear the sound when you get their three app alerts a day. It's just described as a "bong" sound.

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