The Quad Cities is ripe with talent.  We've got an amazing music scene.  As strong as it is diverse.  As a songwriter myself, I feel like that creative part is something that gets taken for granted.  You hum along to a catchy melody...because songs are supposed to make you hum, right?  You tap your foot because it's got a good beat.


But it's not that easy.  It's got to come from somewhere.  In this feature I call "Songwriter Spotlight" (until I come up with a better name) we take one song from a local band and we drill down on how it came to be.


What was the inspiration...the drive?  Because, you may or may not know...once the song rears it's better hold on because it might be painful and it probably won't leave you alone until it's out of you.


It's got to come out.


I could not have foreseen how the first episode would have effected me.  I reached out to a handful of friends that I know are also talented songwriters.  Dusty was the first to reply, so...he goes first.  Easy enough.


I sent him a questionnaire...gave him a bit of direction as to what I wanted to do and what I wanted to focus on and his reply blew me away.


He recorded his explanation of the song on his phone & emailed it to me. It was a heavier topic than I had anticipated.  I re-listened to the song and connected to it in a completely different way than I had previously.


Instead of being in awe of the production & musicality, I was with my Uncle Don who passed away recently.  What was once just a catchy song was now making me bawl my damn fool eyes out. Uncle Don was right there in the room with me...thanks to this beautiful song.


And that's what this is about folks.  Songwriters have a gift. We're lucky to be allowed to share in that gift.

Thank you Dusty.

Thank you Eleven Fifty Two.

The Man on Brown Street

Connect with Eleven Fifty Two

1) BAND NAME: Eleven Fifty Two

2) BAND MEMBERS: Erik Flores- Drums, Steve Sparks- Bass, Dusty Smith- Lead Vocal/guitar, Mike Freburg- Lead guitar/vocal

3) HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC? We would most likely be categorized as Hard Rock

4) WHAT ARE YOUR INFLUENCES: Frank Duex, Twelve Foot Ninja, Metallica, Hulk Hogan, Trivium, Grey Pickle, Skeewee

5) WHERE ARE YOU FROM:  Rock Island Quad Cities of America

6) HOW CAN PEOPLE GET A HOLD OF YOU? Contact us on our Facebook page. I'll attach a link at the bottom.
7) ANY ENDORSEMENTS? We endorse Togar Guitars. Local grown guitars using free range chickens and of course gluten free.
8) UPCOMING SHOWS YOU'D LIKE TO PLUG? Our next show is July 30, 2016 at the Great River Days festival in Muscatine. We are direct support for Puddle of Mud. Visit for tickets!! Don't miss seeing another local great The Hong Kong Sleepover, they are set to open the show!!
9) HAVE YOU OPENED FOR ANY NOTABLES? We have opened for: Chevelle, Tweleve Foot Ninja, Helmet, Nothing More, Taproot, Saliva, Buckcherry, Trapt, Firehouse, Warrent, Winger, Bret Micheals, I'm sure I'm forgetting some.
Chevelle was awesome. We were direct support for them in Kansas City last year. Played outside in the Power and Light District!
10) FAVORITE BAND MOMENT? My favorite band moment would be hearing a crowd of 8,000 scream for 1152 down in Kansas City. What an amazing feeling to hear that many people show their appreciation for your music all at once. Wow.


He's throwing up again
I tried all night to make it quit
But time has ways of stopping hearts
The spine has holes in it
And where he stays is where I sit
And I can wait here all night long
Don't kick yourself around my friend
It comes around again
Works in circles
Don't hold your breath and count on him
It comes around again
Time can break your heart
Yeah we both know that
So go save yourself
The last hero's dead
He's gone forevermore
I peel apart my skin
Cuz I can't stand the flesh I'm in
But time has ways of mending hearts
Too weak to take my hand
Too proud to go no not just yet
We keep waiting all night long
Here's a great live version of The Man on Brown Street"
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