The owner of a wine shop in Manhattan last shut the doors to his store on January 8th, after making sure everything was in order. Prior to that date, the store had been closed for a few months.

On Tuesday, Taste Wine Co's owner returned to the store Tuesday to check on the store, but when he opened the door, something didn't look right.

The store's entire inventory- 1,000 bottles of wine and1,000 bottles of liquor- were gone.

Also missing were 125 wine dispenser and machines designed to serve and preserve wines at the right temperature.

Tate Wine Co. values the bottles at $150,000. Each of the dispensers are valued at $1,200, totaling nearly $300,000 worth of property just gone.

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Authorities are investigating possibly the greatest heist in history, and asked for anyone in the public to report any knowledge they may have on the situation.

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