If you hate vegetables, it might not be because you're a whiny little bitch. You might be what scientists are calling a "Super-Taster." Contrary to what you might think, it doesn't help good food taste gooder, Professor Valerie Duffy of University of Connecticut explains.

There's 25 taste receptors in our mouths, and one in particular has been heavily studied, called TAS2R38. It has two variants, AVI and PAV.

50% of people have one of each, allowing us to taste bitterness and sweetness.

25% of people are called "Non tasters" and have two copies of AVI, making everything taste a bit sweeter because they have no sensitivity to bitterness.

The other 25% of people have two copies of PAV, which creates a high sensitivity to bitterness in foods.

Super-tasters are overly sensitive to the bitterness of foods and drinks. Bitterness is common in dark and leafy veggies like brussels sprouts or cauliflower.

Be sure to make everyone around you aware that you're a Super-Taster.

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