By now, you've probably seen the footage of that young, female Doctor/Internist in Miami who went berserk on the Uber Driver who refused to take her home.  And, you've probably even made up your mind about what her punishment should be.  Well, after seeing her on TV this morning, I just couldn't resist weighing-in.

So here's my thought... Forgive her!  Most of us have had "bad nights" from alcohol consumption and have awakened the next day in total disbelief of what we were told we did the night before.  After the "bad night" maybe have even felt surely someone put something in my drink...!  Having one such night does not mean life as you know it has to end.  If you're not habitual, you learn from it, own up to it and apologize, accept the consequences and vow never to do it again.  Should this make her any less qualified for her profession?  Does it void all the years of studying, training, and sacrifice?  Does it prove that she is incompetent?   In my opinion, no to all 3.  If she does it again mind you, then maybe I'm not so sure.  But after hearing her account of that night and the treatment she's had since, especially on social media, I think she's being treated unfairly and I hope the medical center that employs her doesn't "pile-on" and crush her future.

By the way, her apologies and her candor today on The Today Show showed maturity and sincerity, and gave a glimpse of somebody who understands personal responsibility.  She was not defiant or blaming anybody else, and she definitely looked "sorry".  Let's hope she's not acting.  Because if she's for real, then I can think of dozens of athletes or politicians who could actually learn a lesson from HER today on how to conduct yourself after a "big misunderstanding".