Man's best friend? After seeing what this dog did at a pub in Belfast, Ireland, you'll think twice about leaving your pooch alone with your brew.

A photo like the one above could easily be dismissed as a dog being curious as to what it's owner was drinking and wanted to taste it. However, a witness also captured a photo before the taste test.

The dog was left alone for a moment as its owner tied it to a table outside of a pub. Soon after, the canine put it's front paws on the tabletop, looked around for witnesses, and then took a few swigs of beer.

"I just heard people laughing and looked out and saw the dog without its owner," Jake Pulford said. "It had a lead attached to the table it was at so clearly its owner had just walked into the pub and left it alone for a little bit and that's when it made its chance."

Apparently the dog had a taste for beer, because it took several drinks from the pint.

Jake Pulford
Jake Pulford

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