True love means not being upset by the smell of your person's body odor.

According to a University of British Columbia in Canada, if you're in a long-distance relationship or on opposite sleep schedules, they've found you'll sleep better if you're smelling your person's stank.

The researchers had the significant others wear a t-shirt for a day, no perfume, no cologne, no deodorant.

They then had the second halves drape that shirt over their pillow, and then a control group of people who they had sleep with a clean shirt.

Results were compared, and they found that the people who smelled their guy or gal's stank all night long slept better, all night long actually.

Those studied said they slept sounder, without waking up multiple times a night, they felt more well rested, and most even said they got more than an extra hour of sleep per week.

UBC concluded that stank=sleep.

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