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Free Food from Nally’s Kitchen This Week
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Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and a Hologram of Bon Scott
Guns N' Roses will be the first to play the new stadium in Vegas, Aerosmith may never play live again and a Hologram of Bon Scott was a thing?
80's metal reigns supreme with the House of Hair.  Here are some news stories you may have miss this week.  This will ca...
Bluegrass Festival Returns June 26th
I know many of our listeners would baulk at the idea of a Bluegrass festival.  But I also  know plenty of people who's flavors of music cross into the blues arena...and from there it's not a stretch to hit country...and just a little further down the dirt road (behind some barns …
Midwest Mayhem Demo Derby in Davenport this Weekend
Don’t miss the Midwest Mayhem Demolition Derby at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds Saturday, June 12th and Sunday June 13th.
All week long I’ll be sending out random alerts on your 97X app  for you to send me your information.  Just click thr...

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