For the definition of a "sticky situation," they should just link to this story. Because it works on multiple levels.

34-year-old Melinda Reeves was caught shoplifting last Tuesday, after she shoved $17 worth of stuff in her purse at a Walmart near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Then she ran from security and headed into the parking lot. But they didn't see any cars leave. So they weren't sure where she went.

When cops got there, they checked the security tape, and realized the car she arrived in hadn't left. So they went to search it, and noticed the trunk was cracked.

And when they opened it, they found Melinda hiding inside, covered in Mountain Dew.

It was about 90 degrees out, and even hotter in her trunk. And it turned out she'd resorted to pouring Mountain Dew on herself to keep cool.

It's not clear how long she was in the trunk. And they haven't said if the Mountain Dew was stolen, or already there. But they charged her with shoplifting and released her on $2,500 bond.

Read more at ABC11.

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