This Saturday, July 9th "Shoot the Loop" is happening at 5pm in Geneseo, Illinois. You can relive the past and create new memories where old iron and new muscle are the common threads between man and machine. Hot rods, modern and classic muscle, cruisers, touring, 4x4s, and bikes of all types.

The weather should be nice for the Hot Rodz in Geneseo Park and the beers will be cold at Geneseo Brewing Company this Saturday night. AMC Sound will be DJing in the Park from 5:00-8:00. Keller’s Pit will be serving BBQ. Shawn Easton will be playing out back in the GBC Beer Garden.

After the cruise, head on over and mention Shoot The Loop and get 50% off your first pint at Geneseo Brewing Company.


You can park at Geneseo Park and cruise the loop at your leisure. Pictures will be taken starting at 6:00 down at 1st and State Street..

Geneseo Brewing Company is a great place to see live music. My band plays there quite often. They always have great beer, and great food, and their staff is awesome. Super friendly and always willing to get the band some pregame warm-ups in the shape of their Squirrel Nuts Peanut Butter Ale.

Jerrod Minnaert, owner of Geneseo Brewing Company says, "You can cruise all night long, if you would like. Folks hang out at the park and around 6:00 they like to make a cruise for photos. The Geneseo police are there to help with traffic flow. This last event had the cruise running very smoothly, so folks with High- performance cars wouldn’t overheat."

This Saturday, July 9th, Shoot the Loop" is happening in Geneseo, Illinois.

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