Henry County Sherriff's Office posted a hilarious story to their Facebook page. Virginia Sheriffs are thanking a goat for assisting deputies during an on-foot pursuit.

According to the Henry County Sheriff's Office, The goat named Gracie helped two deputies chase down a suspect on the run on February 13th.

Captain Scott Barker said Deputy David Parnell was investigating a domestic assault case in the Fieldale area of Henry Country when the incident went down.

After telling the suspect he was under arrest, he took off running. Parnell chased the suspect through a fence line across a field. When Gracie the goat saw the chase happening, she decided to join in.

When Parnell reached the end line of the fence, Gracie the goat continued through the fence, chasing the suspect into the woods.

Gracie the goat was like...


A deputy on the other side, and Gracie, were able to catch the suspect and get him out of the woods. The runner was taken into custody.

Barker said the goat was returned to its owner after the incident was resolved. Authorities have yet to provide the name of the suspect. (FoxNews)

Facebook Commenters were fascinated by the goat, and had this to say:

Dennis BranchLast time I seen police with a goat, they had to lead him out of town because of the dynamite he ate.

Stephanie Michelle HolbrookSo we now have Deputy Goats instead of K9s ?

Larryy JamessIf that GOAT tracked the suspect down in the woods then I need to invest into a GOAT for hunting & Also who needs Guard Dogs when you could have a Guard Goat.

Read More Here: FoxNews

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