Monday morning, a semi-truck got stuck on the Iowa side entrance to the Rock Island Arsenal bridge, causing delays to anyone planning to use the bridge in their commute.


The truck hit the bridge roughly around 6:30am, and Rock Island Arsenal police were present.

Once the Army Corp of Engineers surveys the bridge to make sure it is safe for traffic again, the bridge will reopen sometime Monday morning.


River Drive in Davenport is now closed in preparation of the rising Mississippi River flood waters, redirecting traffic to other routes through downtown Davenport.


The flood preparation involves building flood barriers along River Drive to stop the water before it can cross the street. Current models show that the river will crest in May at the 21-23 feet mark.

The 2019 flood that saw a failure of the HESCO barrier walls crested at 22.64 feet, just barely breaking the level of the infamous Flood of 1993.

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