Why would you go through the trouble of picking the new color of your house, when you could have someone else do it?

Brian Landreth's daughter Grace was working on a school project about data collecting, and he wanted to help. Being it was getting to be time to repaint the outside of the house, they decided to kill two birds with one stone and combine the two projects.

Brian picked 5 colors and painted samples on the house, and then posted a QR Code in the front yard on a sign that read "Help us choose a color" and "Scan here to fill out survey."

The house was brought to the internet's attention by a neighbor on their street, who tweeted a picture.


On the form, they have a section for us who just fill out these types of surveys to just fill them out.

Google Forms
Google Forms

Based off of comments on Twitter, it looks like number 4 is winning.

You can vote here by clicking on the tweet below.

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