Over the last year we've brought you a lot of stories about restaurants in the Quad Cities closing the doors temporarily or for good due to COVID-19.  Well, how about some good news in the restaurant world.

After a month of being closed due to a COVID outbreak, Igor's Bistro in Rock Island has reopened for drive thru service.   In a message on the restaurants Facebook page, owner Kathy Lopez said they were closed due to herself and husband Rick having COVID-19.

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Kathy went on to say that while she feels well, her husband Rick is currently on a ventilator and will have to have a procedure to be weaned off the ventilator.

Igor's Bistro says the drive thru window does not operate like your traditional drive thru restaurants.  You will need to call ahead to order carry out (309-283-7948) with the exception of Taco Tuesday in order to keep the pick up window moving they will take taco orders at the window.

I have never been to Igor's Bistro, but now that I know there is a Halloween themed restaurant open year round in the Quad Cities, I can't wait till they are open full time.  Cause I'm totally in for some good food and Halloween in the summer.

We hope Rick and all the staff get better soon so the Quad Cities can enjoy a taco, a margarita (or two) and have some fun with the Halloween restaurant in Rock Island.


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