Three people tried to break into an elderly couple's home Monday morning in Utah, but between the three of them they couldn't kick down the door. They took off when police arrived, and split up.

Brayden Bowler (23), and Sandra Arzola (18) were caught almost immediately, but Reynaldo Alvarez (21) took off and got away.

Alvarez hid in a dumpster, and was able to ride the whole ordeal out, until a garbage truck picked up the dumpster and emptied it.

The truck made it down the street before he pulled over from hearing pounding coming from the back end. When he stopped the truck, Alvarez jumped out and started running again.

The police caught him nearly immediately.

The three received charges of Burglary of a Dwelling, Eight Counts of Burglary of a Vehicle, and several counts of drug possession.

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