We were lucky enough to host Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson from Black Star Riders this morning on the show.

We try not to take these moments for granted, because when these guys come in, part of the energy come from our true appreciation of them even being here. Well today may have been a little harder than most, since I've been basically living the lyrics of the new BSR album 'Heavy Fire' since it came out.

So these guys in studio, recreating these songs in front of me was on another level entirely.  I was reminded why I love, absolutely love my long-term relationship with music and radio.

Even Damon got wistful (Some might say pissed off) about how rock radio in the states doesn't seem interested in moving the needle forward when it's history is so rich.  It's essentially killing the momentum of bands in the U.S.A. https://youtu.be/pXqCPlox8RE Whether these guys are talking or singing, it was well worth it for me, because anytime these guys come in and prove to be more sincere than even their most heartfelt lyrics, I feel like everybody wins.

Make sure to catch Ricky and Damon out at Rascals Live tomorrow night! Check out the tunes they played for us today:

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