We all have hobbies that take our minds off of the daily battles, a thing we go to for comfort to just relax. For some of us, that's fishing, hunting, video games, drawing, or playing/listening to music. For a reporter in Detroit, that hobby is an unsuspecting one: Skateboarding.

Now referred to as "The Skateboarding Reporter," Victor Williams has gone viral on Twitter after showing off at the opening of a new skatepark in Detroit.

The WDIV-TV was reporting on the opening of the park and the free skateboard lessons that were being offered to kids who showed up.

As he reported on the park, he rode his skateboard as he talked, live on the air.

In the middle of his spiel, he hung on the lip of the ramp and dropped back in to roll past the camera again.

Victor Williams via Twitter
Victor Williams via Twitter


While not doing anything too crazy, the smoothness of his skill shows promise that this dude could shred on a halfpipe.

His video went viral, and even prompted a response from the godfather of skateboarding himself, Tony Hawk.

"All the news that's fit to shred," Hawk wrote.

In the comment section of Victor's tweet, one of his producers at WDIV shared another video worth mentioning.

"We wish we could always be this great with live shots, but not always..." Dane Sager wrote.

The reporter with the microphone looked to take the worst hit, after catching air off one bump and landing flat on his back on the next.

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