REO Speedwagon is just as big a name as any in the world of classic rock, with a setlist and discography that brought them huge success, the band just was announced to be headlining the grandstand of an eastern Iowa fair this summer.

REO Speedwagon was formed in the late 1960s in Champaign, IL. The band started off riding to gigs in station wagons, looking to get their name out there as much as possible.

Today, the band's music is on the radio in every town they visit, making them a recognizable name for all ages.

The show will bring Kevin Cronin, with bandmates Bruce Hall on bass, keyboardist Neal Doughty, Dave Amato on lead guitar, and drummer Bryan Hitt, REO has remained busy since the band celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2007, and they just came off of a tour with Styx and Loverboy, so they're all warmed up for you.

REO Speedwagon will be performing at the Delaware County Fair in Manchester, Iowa on Thursday, July 13th.

Tickets go on sale for this awesome show on Saturday, February 4th at 9am. Set your reminders now so you can grab your tickets at the lowest cost all year.

HEADS UP! Gate Admission is not included in your concert ticket! Buy it online separately, when you purchase your concert tickets to save $3!

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