I've been to some pretty sketchy hotels, some pretty grimy rentals, and some pretty stingy places where they'll seemingly charge you for breathing, but I've never seen anything like this.

A TikTok posted a few days ago has gone viral, showing a property that they rented through Airbnb that has possibly the stingiest owner of all time.

The video shows the air conditioner, which has a lockbox with a coin slot, with a text overlay that reads "When your Airbnb host charges your for air."

After looking up the name of the box, it appears that it's a "consumption limiter" used “for saving and controlling the cost of electricity in hotels, hostels, rural houses, and all types of accommodation. They work by time, by coins or tokens.”

It's not confirmed where exactly the property is, but between the user sharing clips from their European vacation, and the box is made by a company in Spain, I'd say it's safe to assume it's probably Spain.

“If a host is seriously going to be that stingy, they shouldn’t be renting their house out,” someone commented.

“If it is listed as an amenity on the listing they shouldn’t be able to charge extra for it,’ another wrote.

“Tell me you want 1 star without telling me you want 1 star,” a user wrote.

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