Years ago...when I was just a young pup listening to 97X there was this voice.  In between classic rock songs, there was this deep timbre that demanded you pay attention. If you didn' would haunt your dreams.

In the radio business, it's called imaging.  When it's done right, it takes on a personality of its own.  But before I knew anything about "voice over" or "radio imaging" I knew of this dude.  If you've been listening for a few decades like know him too.

As we wrap up the official celebration of 97X's 40th Anniversary...I think it's a fitting tribute to the legacy of 97X in the Quad Cities to welcome back...David Lee.

Every one's got a line that stands out to them...mine is David Lee saying:

"My God, I sound like a badass!"

I'll be honest...when I heard David Lee say out loud "The Bill Stage Radio Show" it moved a little.  I mean, was moved.  Yeah, that's what I mean.

Welcome back, David Lee!

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