The National Random Acts of Kindness Day is officially observed on February 17th.

While you're more than welcome to celebrate whenever/however you family will be choosing to focus on February 1st when in 2014 we lost my cousin, Tim Litwiller in a snowmobile accident.  The following day we lost one of my best friends Jereme "Chones" Pettorini to heart failure.  So, needless to say, it was a rough weekend.

From the darkness and sadness comes a bright light.  Of course, my family would come up with this...such a positive bunch that I'm proud to call my own.

In the memory of Tim, we are encouraging random acts of kindness.  I've got a couple ideas rolling around in my head about what to do...but I'll probably keep it to myself.

Any chance you get to spread positivity in this world is always worthwhile.