Going to the Quad City Storm hockey games, you know you're bound to see at least one fistfight break out on the ice. In last night's matchup with the Pensacola Ice Flyers, things weren't any different.

The Quad City Storm acquired LW Davis Kirkendall on February 14th from the mid-season folding Vermilion County Bobcats, and he quickly became a crowd favorite.

In the Thursday, March 2nd matchup, the play on the ice started to get a little chippy, and puck stoppages resulted in more and more pushing and shoving between teams.

Davis Kirkendall singlehandedly put that to rest after the Pensacola Ice Flyers' defenseman Nick Leitner challenged him to a fight.

The linesman dropped the puck in the left faceoff circle, and shortly after, Kirkendall dropped Leitner like a sack of potatoes in front of the Ice Flyers net.

It only took one punch to land for

Check out the video from the game's live stream:

Leitner took a couple of minutes to get up from that knockout punch and ended up having to be helped off the ice.


When the camera put a close-up of Leitner's bloodied face on the screen, the crowd went wild. From the close-up, it looks like he likely ended up with a broken nose.

Chris LeNeave via YouTube
Chris LeNeave via YouTube

Kirkendall isn't the first Quad City player to deliver a one-punch knockout, in 2017, Mallards Goalie Adam Vay delivered a one-punch knockout on Cincinnati Cyclones goalie Michael Houser.

The Quad City Storm ended up falling 4-1 to the Ice Flyers Thursday night.

The second period saw the first goal of the game from the Ice Flyer's Andrew Erwin, but Taylor Pryce from the Storm tied the game up in the third.

A second goal was scored by Pryce shortly after, but the goal was waved off and QC's Mike Mercurio was sent to the penalty box.

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