We're only days away from the start of the Quad City Storm season and already we have a player injured.

Coach Chezy had to cut Fwd, Nic Levesque, after he suffered a broken hand and has been cut from the final roster.

“Nic Levesque was injured in training camp. The team is following league protocol for training camp injuries.”

~Brian Rothenberger, QC Storm Broadcast and Communications Manager

After speaking to Nic he said that he broke his hand in a fight with Peoria and found out Wednesday morning that he would be on IR for 30 days, a situation that put his roster position in jeopardy. Subsequently,, the Storm opted not to sign him.

From my conversation with Nic, "It's a sucky situation both ways. This team and this town is my heart. They aren't just fans,' he said of the Storm faithful, "they're family.

Nic was excited to play on the same ice his brother, Patrik, spent 3 seasons on during the Mallards' later seasons. Anyone who had spent any time watching the dek hockey sport take off here in the Quad Cities is already familiar with Nic since he spends a good part of his off-season scooping up trophies with his D1 dek team, playing along side his brother and another former Mallard, goalie Marty Fillion.

This devastating blow comes just days before the Storm are to take the ice. Get well, Nic. Hope to see you on the ice soon.


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