Now that the Quad City Storm is in the second half of the season, they've announced that their second and last $1 beer night of the season is taking place this weekend.

Saturday, January 8th will be the last $1 beer night of the season, but it's also Union Night.

The Quad City Storm is recognizing the organized labor workers in the area, and if you're a union cardholder, you can contact to find out what deals are available.

$1 Beer Night brings quite a few people to the stadium, which is great for this weekend, when the Quad City Storm take on the Huntsville Havoc, who are currently #1 in the league.

When you find out it's $1 beer night:


The outcome of this weekend has the potential to catapult us higher in the league standings, so be sure to go at least one night this weekend to support your Quad City Storm.

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