Davenport native Tyler Wentworth appeared on an episode of Wheel of Fortune, which aired yesterday for Memorial Day.

After successfully working his way through the competition, solving multiple puzzles, Tyler was in the lead, which meant he was able to go on to the 'Final Puzzle.'

The Final Puzzle was a 14-letter answer, which Tyler was able to fill in some of the letters of with his four guesses of H, D, G and O.

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He was left with a partial answer of " _H_R_T_    _ _ _ T_ _ON."

Wheel of Fortune via YouTube
Wheel of Fortune via YouTube

First, Tyler guessed "Charity Function," which wasn't correct, but he got his answer on the second try.

"Charity Auction?" he asked, and then more firmly said it again, "Charity Auction."

"Very nice!" Pat Sajak said as he opened the envelope from the prize wheel, which showed Tyler's big prize to be a brand new Chevrolet Camaro.

Wheel of Fortune via YouTube
Wheel of Fortune via YouTube

Pat then announced the final dollar amount that Tyler won.

On top of winning a brand new car, Tyler went home with a total $56,180 worth of prizes.

It's not bad for a kid who had to get out of here by "moving cross-country in 2019 with whatever he could fit in his car," according to the Wheel of Fortune press release we received.

Great job on the win, and great job representing our area, even if you're out in San Diego working as a successful social media manager.

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