Unless something changes with a military jet team schedule, don't plan on taking your family out to the Davenport Municipal Airport for the Quad City Air Show next year. That's not saying that it won't happen, but right now it's very unlikely.

A source close to me says that more and more air shows are switching to this kind of schedule of every other year. This will offer a better chance at being selected to get the opportunity to have the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds.

This also gives more time to plan for sponsors and acts. As an added bonus it also gives the volunteers a chance to have the year off so they don't get burned out so quickly. I think the same can be said for the public as well.

A lot of larger markets have the ability to pull off a show every year, but we're also talking about a much larger budget and a larger population.

The air show which was nominated in 10Best as one of the top 10 air shows in the country normally takes place at the end of June. But has been absent from the skies above the Quad Cities for four years before returning this past summer.

I look forward to seeing what the 2021 show will bring.

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