At the beginning of July, QC guitarist Chuck Murphy created a GoFundMe account:

About 4 weeks ago my beautiful wife started having bad chest and stomach pains. First ER trip they did nothing. Family doctor diagnosed her with "stomach flu Second ER trip a week later did nothing. Family doctor this time ordered a CT scan. Insurance denied it 6 days later about a half hour before we were scheduled to go in we got that call. So after a full month of all this she sees her ob/gyn and is informed she has an 11 cm cyst that is more than likely cancerous and require immediate surgery. We are scheduled to go to Iowa City Hospitals tomorrow (7/19) for a consult and then possibly a full hysterectomy.

Yesterday, he posted this heartbreaking update:

Well here is the of yesterday they have decided to move my wife to hospice. She has a tumor on her liver that has pressed against a major blood vessel closing it. Inoperable and chemo won't do any good. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out privately but this is reality. This is my life. This is my pain. Please everyone hug your loved ones close.


I can't imagine what he's going through right now. But he's surrounded himself with some great people.  Including this fella, Doug Brundies...who appeared on the Great Acoustic Showdown 2017 on Dwyer & Michaels. Doug is donating his proceeds this Saturday when he plays at Baked, in Davenport.  Go throw a couple bucks at him this Saturday 9-Mid.


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