We've all been there, out somewhere and the phone battery is at 4% while you're waiting, whether its at the airport or for your wife at the mall, when you see one of those free charging stations. Experts are saying the stations are a stolen data risk.

Apparently, hackers can install devices in the post of the stations programmed to steal your information from you when you plug your devices in. The method is know as "Juice Jacking." Murph uses the same phrase pretty often, but I don't think its in the context.

The malware in the charging station can upload into the phone, and monitor the phone in real time, meaning if you're checking bank information, passwords, addresses, and other sensitive information.

Experts say the best way to stay protected is to only use AC outlets or your own personal portable chargers.

Another known public hacking technique is known by the hacking community as "Pineappling." In this method, the hacker will go to a known public WIFI area, such as Panera, where there are centerpieces on the tables such as fake fruit. They will hide a WIFI network inside of the center piece, with the same name as the public WIFI, ex. "Panera Public WIFI." Logging onto the WIFI allows the hacker to view your logins, and internet history.

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