A 55-year-old middle school principal in New York was arrested last week after he allegedly tried to entice a 16-year-old girl into having sex with him at a remote location where he was found with chicken nuggets and a Grimace milkshake from McDonald's as well as a box of condoms.

Johnson City Middle School Principal Daniel Erickson was taken into custody on Friday and charged with one count of felony luring a child and one count of misdemeanor third-degree attempted rape, authorities announced.

Johnson City Middle School
Johnson City Middle School

Authorities confirmed Erickson and the student knew each other, as she had passed through his middle school as a student.

“As a father, I know this is a nightmare scenario for any parent. We entrust our schools with the care and safety of our children, and to have an individual violate that trust, abuse their power and prey on a very student charged in our schools’ care is beyond disgusting,” Sheriff Fred Akshar said in a statement. “If anyone in our community finds themselves in a similar situation, whether you are a student or a parent of a student, it’s critically important that you come forward immediately and make your school and law enforcement aware.”

According to a Monday press release from the Broome County Sheriff's Office, deputies were alerted Wednesday, July 5, to a situation involving an adult male allegedly making attempts to meet a minor for the purposes of engaging in sexual activity.

On July 7th, Erickson agreed to meet up with the victim at a "remote location" with the intention of "engaging in sexual relations," but was met by law enforcement who took him into custody.

Sheriff Akshar said the principal had some things in his possession meant for the rendevous, including “a Grimace shake from McDonald’s, chicken nuggets, and a box of condoms.”

“The district is taking all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure the safety and security of our students, staff and the public,” Johnson City Central School District superintendent Eric Race said. “We understand the extreme, unfortunate and negative impacts Mr. Erickson’s alleged actions are causing our school district, our students, our parents, our community. You have my full commitment to do everything within my duty to uphold the safety of our students and I will continue that pledge as long as I’m in this role.”

The superintendent also clarified that authorities do not believe any unlawful conduct took place on district property.

Erickson is being held in the Broome County Correctional Facility without bond.

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