I've tried some nasty Pop-Tart Flavors. As far as worst from less worst, I'd say the five biggest mistakes Kellogg's has made would be:

  • A&W Root Beer
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Watermelon
  • Any of the milkshake flavors
  • Orange Crush

Well, Kellogg's decided that they haven't gone too far yet, so they're going to see where they end up with their newest creation.

Pretzel flavored Pop-Tarts are coming to shelves in January of 2020. The flavor is going to have a crispy and salty pretzel outside, and is going to come in two flavors, chocolate and cinnamon sugar.

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The new flavor was announced at the National Association of Convenience Stores trade show in Atlanta last month (that's right, that exists).

I definitely think at this point Pop-Tarts just need to stay in their lane and go with the top ten selling flavors. We don't need thirty flavors of a breakfast toaster pastry, especially when we start getting into soda flavors.

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