Personally, I love using cash.  It certainly helps me stay on budget but it's hard to stick to. First off, I have to remember to actually grab cash.  Secondly, cards are so much easier to use!  No loose change to throw in your ashtray or dollar bills to file numerically in your billfold.

So, Portillo's is making it easier on us!


Portillo's Drive Thru Goes Cashless

Everyone's favorite hot beef sandwich destination, Portillo's, will be going cashless in its drive-thru service starting on January 16, 2023. According to a company statement, the drive-thrus will no longer accept cash payments. This change is expected to improve the speed and efficiency of service at the drive-thru, as well as enhance the overall customer experience.


Increased Safety for Team members

We might not think about it, but there are a few potential dangers that could be associated with using cash in a drive-thru service:
  • Security risks: Passing cash back & forth through the windows could mean you drop your cash.  There is also a risk of someone swiping it when you're not paying attention.
  • Health risks: Cash is nasty.  It can harbor germs and bacteria, and handling it can increase the risk of cross-contamination. Not what you want in someone handling your food.
  • Inefficiency: Processing cash payments can be slower and more prone to errors than electronic payments, which can lead to longer wait times and frustration for both customers and employees.

Indoor restaurant service remains unchanged

I think dining in at Portillo's can be a more enjoyable experience than going through the drive-thru anyway.  For one, dining in allows you to sit down and relax in a comfortable atmosphere while enjoying your meal instead of wolfing it down while steering with 1 knee.  And if you need to use cash, now you've got another option.

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