A Canadian woman has seen Chick fil A levels of kindness from Popeye's after she gave a completely wrong answer on Family Feud.

Eve Dubois was in the Sudden Death Round. When she was asked "What is Popeye's favorite food?", to  which she shouted "Chicken!" Obviously they meant the cartoon with the big arms, and not the fast food chain. Eve's family groaned out loud when they realized they lost $10,000.

Popeye's Chicken has just begun its expansion into Canada, so seeing their brand mentioned on one of their shows was uplifting to brand recognition at least.

Fernando Machado, CMO of Popeye's and Burger King, said talk of the brand had died down since the initial release of the chicken sandwiches. They saw a major spike in searches and traffic in Canada.

Feeling bad for their new favorite Canadian, they decided she still deserved that $10,000. They replied to the tweet-gone-viral that had the show clip, and said they had check with Eve's name on it.

The $10,000 isn't cash, but something more valuable; In-Store Credit.

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