Police in Los Angeles have thwarted and apparent plot by a man to dump a whole bunch of hallucinogenic drugs into the city's water supply.

43-year-old Alexander S. Crow is a former chemist and used to work for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. He stands accused of trying to dump 251-NBOMe, a synthetic drug that mimics LSD, into the water supply. He's a member of a group called Psychedelic Rainbow Warrior Peace Force, which aims to promote the legalization of such drugs.

After Crow's arrest, many members of the group confirmed to the LAPD that Crow had often spoke about introducing LSD into the water supply. They just dismissed it as a delusional fantasy. “He’d ramble on for hours about ways to introduce hallucinogens into the water supply and how he wanted the Russian government to finance his plans," a spokesperson said. "We just laughed it off as mad talk.”

Crow wanted to "awaken the universal love with each of us" by drugging the entire city.

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