The trend of people with facial tattoos being wanted by police is coming, so if you're a sketchy guy, get your forehead tattooed.

Police are looking for Douglas Perry Christopher after he failed to provide them with a current address. He was convicted of sexual battery in 2010 and spent nearly 4 years in prison. He's a registered Tier III sex offender, so he has to register with the police every 90 days.

He's not going to be too hard to find, being he has a 4" pot leaf on his for head, surrounded by the words "Pot Head". Oh, and his eyebrows are tattooed on as well, just to be sure they don't change color with age.

Christopher's last arrest was a narcotics charge when he spent two years on probation, and was let out on probation over the summer.

He also has knuckle tattoos that read "LONE WOLF" when put together.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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