The Wichita Police Department took to social media this week in hopes to identify a suspect who destroyed some products at a beauty store.

Wichita Police say the woman was caught on security surveillance video defecating in the middle of an aisle after walking into Mid-K Beauty Supply on May 10th.

The poop was so "significant" that it damaged 8 wigs, totalling about $200 in losses.

In a Facebook post, Tuesday, the department not only asked for tips from the public, but also used the opportunity to poke some fun at the disgusting incident.

They said she's "Public Enemy Number 2."

Police have identified the woman who dooked in aisle three, but they haven't tracked her down yet.

Within a few hours of posting, the Facebook post had been shared hundreds of times and brought thousands of comments.

“Seriously wichita. This is why we can’t have nice things,” one woman wrote.

Multiple comments calling the woman a "Poopetrator" can be seen as well, with many others tagging their friends to ask "This you?"

The manager of Mid-K Beauty Supply told police the woman also had “done this at another store." It was a different branch, a few days before.

In case you're wondering, reports that the damage wasn't from the wigs being used as a form of toilet paper.

No. These wigs were displayed on the wall behind where she was.



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