COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Pennsylvania truck driver with a mind-boggling 649 arrest warrants to her name was apprehended last week in Columbus, as confirmed by local authorities. The driver, Ahyoka Keith, who has also been identified as Carol Ann Sumner, was taken into custody on February 16, without any reported complications during the arrest.

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Finding The Woman

The case came to light when the Columbus Police Department was approached by the Spring Township Police Department, based in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. On February 9, the Pennsylvania officers reached out to their Ohio counterparts with information that Keith, known for her over-the-road truck driving, might be in the Columbus vicinity.

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What Were The Women's Warrants For?

Columbus police disclosed that Keith was wanted on an astounding total of 649 warrants, breaking down into 322 felonies and 327 misdemeanors, all stemming from various theft-related accusations. Among her felony charges are severe offenses such as  criminal use of communication facilities, and theft by unlawful taking of movable property. She is also accused of unauthorized use of access devices and the financial exploitation of a care-dependent person.

Additionally, Keith faces numerous misdemeanor charges, including unauthorized use of access devices and theft by unlawful taking of movable property.


Getting Her Back To Pennsylvania

The Spring Township Police Department is actively coordinating with Franklin County courts to secure Keith's extradition back to Pennsylvania. The extent of Keith's alleged crimes underscores significant concerns about identity theft and financial exploitation, casting a spotlight on the imperative need for vigilance in protecting personal and financial information.

This arrest not only marks a significant achievement for law enforcement in mitigating potential future crimes but also serves as a stern warning against the multifaceted nature of theft and exploitation. Further developments in the case are awaited as legal proceedings unfold, promising a complex legal journey ahead for Ahyoka Keith.

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