Walmart in Pennsylvania is in a battle with bedbugs after someone released the bugs in a men's dressing room.

A manager at the store came across a closed pill bottle with live bugs inside of it. The bottle was found in the pocket of a jacket that was for sale.

Ecolab, a health safety company, confirmed that the insects inside were bedbugs. One of their employees also noticed the bugs crawling through and around one of the men's changing rooms.

Another Walmart employee found a pill bottle a few days later containing the bugs, but this time were dead. The bottle was found in the men's department as well.

The store is working with a pest management company closely, and have blocked off the affected area, according to a statement from a Walmart spokesperson.

State Police are looking for the person or persons responsible.

Clearing Bedbugs from a home can cost $1,500 per room, so this won't be a cheap experience for anyone affected by this.

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