A woman in Louisiana was arrested after showing up to bail her friend out.

Stormy Lynn Parfait, showed up to the Ashland jail to pay the bond fee for an inmate being held on drug charges.

After handing over the $5,000 bail in cash, the detective caught a whiff of a smelly smell probably related to the inmate's charges.

The officer went out and searched the woman's car, found another $40,000 cash inside, 100 Klonopin pills (a narcotic), and a food stamp card not registered to Stormy.

So, they searched her house as well. They found another couple hundred pills, cash, marijuana, cocaine and paraphernalia, as well as four unattended children.

Stormy was charged with multiple counts of possession with intent to distribute, four counts of illegal use of a controlled drug in the presence of persons under 17, taking contraband to or into correctional institution and other related charges.

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