Public Enemy #1 is soon to be the Italian entrée, with a rise of injuries caused by pizza in the last few years.

In 2017 the US saw 2,300 injuries, but 2018 saw a 50% increase in injuries.

Whether you cut your finger slicing a pizza, or you're a delivery guy who fell down some stairs while running a pie for work, there were 3,800 reported ER visits due to pizza.

Babylon Health released these statistics just before National Pizza Day on Sunday, Feb. 9, probably to make sure nobody can enjoy one of the most important holidays.

Some of the highlighted injuries in the study included:

  • A 17 year old who poked the roof of his mouth with a fork while eating pizza
  • An 18 year old who swallowed her tongue ring eating pizza
  • A 21 year old woman who was preparing pizza and slipped with a bread knife in her hand

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