If you heard this mornings Dwyer & Michaels show...you may have heard the announcement that the album Physical Graffiti is the RockClub album of the week.

Led Zeppelin's 6th studio album from 1975 is a DOUBLE album with songs like In My Time of Dying, Houses of the Holy, Trampled Under Foot (which was originally called Brandy & Coke) and Kashmir (which was originally an instrumental).

Some time between now & Thursday at 2:30...listen to the album, let us know your thoughts on social media with the hashtag #97XRockClub and join me for a Facebook live where I give my review and incorporate yours into the mix too.

If you'd like to join me for a round table discussion...I'd love to have you!  Either call (563-323-9797) during the FB live or contact me before hand and we'll get you on the air.

I love diving into albums and getting some back story on not only the recording of the album...but where you were when you first heard it and what the album means to you.

I'm told that Ragged Records (Rock Island), Co-op Records (Moline), and The Underground (Clinton) all have this album available.

Otherwise you can listen on Spotify. (but really...you should go support your local record company)

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