The Perch Cafe located in Eastbourne UK is an award-winning family (and dog) friendly cafe/restaurant set within the Green Flag award-winning Princes Park. Not only are they known for their great food from breakfast to lunch, hand-crafted coffee, and cake inside and out, but, they also have a secretly fascinating restroom.

TikTok User Abi Hindle (@abidoesthingss) was in The Perch Cafe when she stumbled upon the magical bathroom. Hindle believes that she has found the "coolest toilet in Britain."

The Perch Cafe had two unisex cubicles. Within each restroom is a BIG RED BUTTON, with a sign that says "Push it... What's the worst that can happen?"


This is what happened when Abi Hindle pushed the big red button.

A quick blackout followed by disco lights and groovy music was activated inside the restroom. Abi Hindle felt the happy groove and broke out in her own little dance party. The song that can be heard playing is Staying Alive by Bee Gees.

"It made me jump at first. The music coming on and the lights going out. It only lasted around 15 seconds so I had to press it more times because I wanted it to last longer." (Mirror UK)

Instagram user @dudecalledzee also shared his experience inside the party bathroom.

Managing Director Alex Coombes says they paid about 700 Euros ($775.45 USD) to install the two disco kits into the bathrooms. "People love it, so it's been a really positive thing. It's definitely been worth the money." (Mirror UK)

Coombes explains, "The idea came from seeing an 'instant party' button on TV, but we thought we'd add some jeopardy and a surprise outcome to see who could resist it. Hardly anyone can."

This is an absolutely amazing idea. Maybe a restaurant in the Quad Cities will be inspired by this and add it to their restroom!

See More Photos of the Toilet Here:

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