The Tilden Township Police are seeking the culprits responsible for recent acts of vandalism involving a truck in Pennsylvania.

The levitated pieces of bananas on a white background.
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Flying Bananas

According to Sgt. Peter Witman, the vehicle in question is a two-toned pickup truck, with one of the pictures of the truck featuring a banana.

"It appears to be a pickup truck, two-tone in color, and that picture actually has the banana in it," said Sgt. Peter Witman with Tilden Township Police.

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Tilden Township, PA.

Footage from the 800 block of Hex Highway revealed a truck throwing a frozen banana at a driver traveling in the opposite direction around 10 p.m. on Monday. The act affected multiple drivers on the eastbound side of the road as frozen bananas hit and damaged their cars.


Bananas Are Dangerous

One victim, a young lady with her window down, had debris fly into her child's seat.

"Another vehicle, young lady, had her window down," Witman said. "She actually was hit with debris, and the remaining debris flew by her and flew into the child seat. Lucky she didn't have her children with her."

the driver throws garbage on the highway
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State police also reported an incident in Upper Tulpehocken Township involving rotten fruit thrown at a vehicle, but they are yet to determine whether the two incidents are connected.

"It's extremely serious and extremely dangerous. This could injure, or worse, you could cause vehicle crashes by doing this," Witman said.

The Tilden Township Police have emphasized the seriousness and danger of the acts, urging anyone with information to contact them.

The dashcam footage captured by one driver is considered vital evidence.

Dashcam footage of the flying Banana.
Dashcam footage of the flying Banana.

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