I'm not sure who still uses pay phones, but apparently the answer is "lots of people." Because those things are goldmines.

New York City Public Payphones Become Relics In Digital Age
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According to Vice, just two years ago, pay phones across the country made a total of $286 million.

They estimate that every phone pulls in around $236 per year, which means they each get at least a few calls every day. Who knew?

We sent Klinger out this morning to find any payphones he could. While he found about seven of them around Davenport, none were working. They were either out of order, missing pieces, or the handsets were just gone.

However, we have at least two confirmed cases of working payphones in the Quad Cities. We got a call from a listener who was using the phone inside the Walmart on West Kimberly in Davenport and another listener hit us up from the bus station on River Drive in Moline.

Know of any others in the QCA? Let me know!

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