Dwyer had a problem getting his Keurig running after he "de-scaled" it. Luckily for him, after a couple of calls with the company, they decided to just replace the thing for him. It was only a few months old, but this began the great discussion of Keurig's and their great customer service dealing with some problems that tend to be common.

One of many points that came up was that some of the older models don't like some of the "aftermarket" K-Cup brands. One of our listeners told us that it was just frustrating that he would buy the brand he wanted, but the Keurig wouldn't register it. He'd have to take the extra time to dump the plastic cup's coffee contents into one of the reusable mesh K-Cups.

The easiest solution would be just to buy a new Keurig, since they've fixed the issue in some of the newer models, but there's also a free fix for the one you do have. Listener Howard described the process of 'jailbreaking' your Keurig as feeling like "defusing a bomb."

I’ve had a Keurig for a few years now, and it would never accept K-Cups that were not the official Keurig brand. It really pissed me off, as I had all these cups and the only way I could use them was to rip off the lid and dump the contents into the reusable thingamajig.

Finally, I found a YouTube video on how to “jailbreak” the thing so it will allow you to run any of the K-Cups.

Ya gotta get in there, take some things apart and cut some wires….kind of like defusing a bomb, but it works.

Very satisfying to finally stick it to the K-Man!

He sent us the link to the video he watched to fix his problem, and it works, according to him. Just be prepared to have to buy a new one if you go this route, and don't expect me to buy it.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with Pat Sajak, I just couldn't find a better picture.

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