A passenger who was throwing a temper tantrum over something as trivial as a gin and tonic was carried off a plane unceremoniously in a tear-filled meltdown.

The passenger, who isn't identified as of yet, requested a pre-flight cocktail but was denied initially, prompting an absolute meltdown.

The five-minute long clip has been shared around the internet, starting with a viral Reddit thread.

attachment-GnT Airline guy

As the video begins, the man is arguing with airport personnel, who was trying to talk the guy into leaving, informing him the pilot was requesting his removal "several times."

The American Airlines travelers in first class are apparently offered drinks pre-departure, but for some reason, this man was denied the drink when he asked for it.

attachment-GnT Guy pulled off plane

People on the plane who just want to go can be heard in the video, yelling at the man to just get off of the plane, but he wouldn't get up. He pulled his phone out to record his own arrest, but one of the officers ripped his phone from his hand.

After being pulled out of the plane, the officers pushed him against a wall to put him in handcuffs, and he wailed and fell to the floor, losing a shoe in the process.

Man forcibly removed from flight after refusing multiple requests to leave from attendants, pilot, and police. All started over being denied a pre-takeoff gin and tonic.
by u/losfathead in PublicFreakout

“The whining like a 5-year-old and the jumpy flailing certainly surprised me lmao,” quipped one person who commented on the thread.

“I did not expect him to start weeping like that! What a man child!” another shocked viewer chimed in.

“I have never seen a more embarrassing display in my entire career,” another said.

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