The explosion was visible from the ground, leaving behind a trail of smoke and what looked like a ticker tape parade of engine pieces and insulation.

Kirby Klements was sitting in his home with his wife when he saw the large ring that sat at the front of the plane's engine fly past his window, landing on his pickup truck.


Kirby's son has a YouTube channel, which we told Kirby we'd plug since he had a plane break his house.

Flight 328 was able to successfully land with no injuries, thanks to the expertise of the pilots who remained calm during the emergency. The engine's explosion was caught on dash camera video.

Moments after the explosion, debris began to fall, trailing from the plane in a path that spanned nearly a mile wide.

A Broomfield soccer team was in the middle of practice when pieces of the debris began hitting the field. “Let me paint a picture of what it was like,” coach Heather Solar told KDVR. “I’m standing on the field and every two seconds you heard a boom boom boom because debris is just falling and hitting off the turf. It felt like looking up in the sky you see black objects spinning.”

Heather was impressed by how quickly her players reacted. “I was like ‘wow I’ve never seen you guys run this fast,’” Solar said. “They saw my fear and I was like ‘get to safety’ and they just boogied. The kids picked up their backpacks put them on their heads and ran.”

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