The Quad City Storm is inviting the Quad Cities to come out and honor their loved ones who have had their battle with cancer.

The Storm has hosted this event a few times, and always comes with a great turn out. Fans come down to the ice and paint the names of the loved ones, and then the ice gets sealed over to protect the paint.

Paint the Ice January 28th from 10 am-7 pm, and attend the game February 1st. They'll also be auctioning special jerseys for the benefit of cancer research from when the puck drops through Feb 4th at 7 pm at the Storm's website. 

Different colors represent different types of cancer. This year, the paint is:

  • Purple: All cancers
  • Pink: Breast, Thyroid
  • Teal: Gynecological
  • Orange: Leukemia, Uterine
  • Gray: Brain, Lung
  • Green: Lymphoma, Gallbladder, Liver
  • Blue: Colon, Prostate, Stomach, Thyroid
  • Plum: Honor a Caregiver
  • Gold: Pediatric Cancer
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