A new survey found more than half of Americans plan to give at least one person a gift card this Christmas but only 27% of us want to receive one. We'd rather get actual gifts.


If you do buy them, you might want to go with Visa gift cards, which are basically like cash. Or go with one that's easy to cash in online if the person doesn't want it.

Here are the ten gift cards with the highest resale value on sites like CardCash.com. The average resale value for a $100 gift card is:

  1. Nike gift cards, $93.
  2. Walmart, $84.
  3. Best Buy, $83.
  4. Safeway, also $83.
  5. Costco, just under $83.
  6. Target, $82.
  7. Shell, $82.
  8. Netflix, $82.
  9. Apple, $82.
  10. Ticketmaster, $81.

The three with the lowest resale value are gift cards for H&M, $56, Taco Bell, $59, and iTunes, $60.

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