2020 has been a pretty friggin weird year, and as I was looking back on our articles from this year, I noticed that it was really all over the place. Many of them linked back to COVID in some way or another, but I was reminded of some pretty funny stuff that happened.

This year we've had 21,646,663 page views at the time of writing this, and we couldn't thank you more for that.

It's also worth mentioning that this year, we added the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area to our listening family, and it's been a great few months getting to know them.

We decided to show you what our Top 10 stories were this year.

Top 10 Dwyer & Michaels Articles of 2020

10) Here are the Best Christmas Light Displays in the Quad Cities for 2020 - 114,938 Reads

Every year we put together a map of the best Christmas light displays in the Quad Cities. From shows synced with music, to dozens of inflatables and a 30ft tall Santa inflatable, the Quad Cities knows how to do Christmas.

9) Davenport Man Slams Full Bottle of Crown Royal In 10 Seconds - 121,515 Reads

In the midst of COVID shutting everything down, our friend in Davenport, Jeff Grabau, did what we were all thinking: Downed a 750ml bottle of Crown Royale in about 10 seconds. This one actually made a "top views" list the company sends out to every employee across the country because of the number of views it got. My favorite part was that the list that week was basically along the lines of "Governor shuts down..." and "Coronavirus infections reach..." Sandwiched right in the middle of a lot of very serious topics was "Davenport Man Slams Full Bottle of Crown Royal In 10 Seconds."

8) Man Is Knocked Unconscious by a Falling Cat, Who Then Fights His Dog - 191,057 Reads

This video had me laughing for about an hour. Guy has a cat fall seemingly from the sky, it knocks him out when it lands on his head, and then his shoe-wearing dog goes to investigate, and the cat beats up the dog.

7) BBB Says Not to Fall for “Secret Sister” Gift Exchange - 191,446 Reads

There was that Facebook "Secret Sister" thing where you send out a gift, promising if you get friends to do it, you'd get 36 gifts back. The Better-Business-Bureau released a statement saying it's a pyramid scheme and a big crock.

6) After Five Months, Busch Beer Still Hasn't Donated Their Portion to Children's Hospital - 306,426 Reads

This is one I'm so glad was finally resolved. At the time, it had been five months since Busch had promised to match donations collected by Iowa Legend, Carson King for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. After it was said and done, the hospital received nearly $3M from a completely unplanned fundraising campaign.

5) Quad City Walmart Fight Video to be Featured on A&E’s Live PD Tonight - 599,947 Reads

Right at the beginning of busy stores because of panic buying, we stumbled across a video of a fight at the West Kimberly Walmart in Davenport. Two girls had attacked another, and when police arrived, they found a baby carrier belonging to one of the suspects full of merchandise that was going to be stolen. The video got enough attention that it was featured on A&E's LivePD.

4) Disneyland Visitor Literally Pulls Excalibur From the Sword in the Stone - 602,145 Reads

A first time visitor to Disneyland walked up to the Sword in the Stone and pulled, and the sword came out, which isn't supposed to happen.

3) Guy Catches Neighbor Kid Riding Bike in His Driveway, Does The Unthinkable - 693,964 Reads

2) Walmart is Changing Procedures Amidst COVID-19 - 897,101 Reads

We had a listener run to Walmart one morning on April 2, as they were setting up what would become procedure at all locations for at least the next 9 months. They sent us pictures, we threw them on our website, and ended up beating most big name news sources with the information. It just goes to prove that we can do so much, but we also rely on our listeners to let us know what's going on out there.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

1) Man Logs Off Zoom Meeting for “Alone Time” But Accidentally Left Camera On - 4,236,992 Reads

This video had us in stitches. Zoom calls were becoming the new way to meet with friends, family, and work, and the fumbles were everywhere. This guy thought he logged off, and got all set up to have some... alone time.

Thank you for making this a great year for us.

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